Close​.​.​. Yet Far EP 2014

by Bradata, SP Diplomata & Concrete Cee

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Close... Yet Far blends the raw and minimalistic Boom Bap approach with some spacy and atmospheric elements, to compose an all-embracing sound that brings you back to basics and still vibrates hereafter.


released December 21, 2014

Music: Bradata (BRD) & SP Diplomata
Lyrics & vocals: Concrete Cee
Creative mix: Bradata (BRD) & SP Diplomata
Final mix & master: SPES Productions
Recorded at Studio Funk Berlin
Recording engineer: Andy Schlegel
Mixing & mastering engineer: Alex Panaiotov (SPES Productions)
Cover art concept: Bradata (BRD) & SP Diplomata
Graphic design & photography: Denitza Kirilova
Video Spot: Rosetta Stone
Support: "Trip-Hop Laboratory" & "45RPM"
Managed & Produced: Bradata (BRD) & SP Diplomata

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Bradata (Dusted Wax Kingdom) Варна, Bulgaria

1996-2003 - Източен клан & ZP Crew member:
2007 - Joined Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel.
2009 - Joined Bass Warriors crew under the moniker Controller 66
2010 - Started "Drum Bassment" Radioshow with Bass Warriors Crew
2011 - Started "Trip-hop Laboratory" Radioshow with Virus Inethic
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Track Name: Day In The Life
[Verse 1]
Writing rhymes with a heavy heart
Lightened the load with time, well, so it would seem
Less burdens, less people around is what it means
Some days I just leave on my own, nowhere to go

But wherever my errant mind will point me
Pensive as I pass through the public parks
Where Africans keep harrassing you, "want some to spark?"
Keep your celery to yourself, prob'ly laced the bag

With seeds and stems to increase weight for profit
Ignore the attempted sale and keep walking
Lately no music's needed when on the move
Though empty conversation in trains

Is a fucking pain in the rectum, watching people
Sit there catatonic stare into a screen
And the kids are seen as a distraction, getting cursed out
For just wanting affection... damn...

Ever seen men ramble, in a language so crude
Even to them it's not meant to be understandable?
Shabby coats carry ethanol fumes
Perm clown nose on, facial lines are canyons too

I look into eyes, it seems life left them
And blame is a relay baton passed to the next man
The gender war is still on, and it grows colder
Yet when the hurt surfaces, dirt gets thrown and

Bones get picked, is the answer really feminism?
Or just a reversal of tides?
Wherever there is hurt, there's pride
Practice self-affirmation all you want, make sure not to worship a lie

You told yourself to blank out the darkness inside
Or don't, whatever y'all, do what you want
I think it's sad when I can't let my feelings be known
Over somebody's dishonesty, projected onto me

Shows we all are further than we think from maturity
And still have to face and conquer our insecurities
Healing is in order, when I'm 'bout to meet with friends
I visualize the good times upon us

The thought alone got me through days of strife
And two years of being single, damn, time does fly
Seems like I passed the station I was 'bout to get off at
Just one stop, no problem, I'll walk back

Where I'm headed, just me and the tarmac
Iron chains from a rim, I drop the rucksack
Extract the Molten ball, shoot, miss completely
Need to get some practice in as it seems

Dribble one step left, take one step back
Release, been doing this move since I was thirteen
45 minutes later, grab a snack, thinking about
Sitting on the Golden Sands, with the folks

I wouldn't be doing these records without
Peace to the fam, suddenly greeted by a person
I haven't spoken in years, nice to see you again
Where you going? Just clearing my head, you know how it is

Laughs are exchanged, I'm on my way back to the crib
Sun's still out, tea on the stove
Gotta finish this song, just a day in my life
In the city of Berlin, broken down in three minutes, I'm gone...

Track Name: The Last Sermon
[Verse 1]
Committed to these writtens, ain't nothing about it casual
My bank statement never accounted for platitudes
Most rappers are not judged by skill but cashflow
Let two gold plaques crash at light speed to make a black hole

One hit wonder rhymes, point singularity
Quasi stellar radio Rap runs the galaxy
I question Rap in its expression and capacity
The absence of your left hemisphere creates a cavity

Sadly though, your immaturity is neither charity
For hilarity nor is it as attractive as you think
Potential energy that's never made kinetic
Resents my empathy, so I am not afraid to dead it

See, stoicism has its allures, yet the soul hungers
For much better weather than just ten degrees Celsius
Artists who failed to capture that truth worry 'bout selling
Though Darwin suggets adaption, go and tell it to the nautilus

As most rhymers denominate themselves as poets
But don't notice that their prose is as verbose as some Allan Poe shit
But without the insight and reflection, all it is
Esoteric masturbation mantras like the one I just sponsored

Call it purple without purpose, explain your message to
A class of literary greats, and hear their laughter is mirthless
Too content surfing the surface, spouting buzzwords
Promoting imaginary revolutions for purchases

Before the whirlwind envelops you, do you trust the calm?
Are you drawn to escapism, gamepad in ya palms?
Everything is in flux, regardless of that you give love
Although honestly, most of these cunts just to love to piss on your luck

Cee won't have to be reminded, he'll exaggerate
The story for a greater effect, blowing kisses
In the wind, so you think, but when the razor
Made its way through your aorta, maybe you'll rethink the sentiment then

He can blend with the environment, soft skills acquired
Include, never telling the truth without lying
Dressed plain, unkempt hair, won't see him with a Sassoon
Face bearing a stubble that a box cutter groomed

Humble in tune, in pitch like a double bassoon
Unfazed hearing them alpha-females howl at the moon
The kid, who showed manners is a panther in the bedroom
After he flees the cage, you'll dedicate him a sad tune

Good luck decoding him, he's like a ring that withers your finger
Until you realize it holds a gem
When you want to keep it on, it's gone - Such is life
Judge a book by its cover and the story rewrites itself

Perception is shooting craps with loaded dice
My objections never broke ice colder than polar nights
Raised tension, emotional charge and great distance
Make-shift relationships break from great friction

Happy endings make for cheapskate fiction
To be deterred by the blurb, that's a cautionary tale
About things we tell ourselves like what wasn't
Or isn't meant to be to make sense of what, simply put, doesn't

The Last Sermon, let us end this discussion
Motherfuckers love to judge but hate being judged, fuck'em!
Track Name: No Running
[Verse 1]
Standing at the coastline, pondering the journey
Maritime breeze in my face, Sun has a golden shine
My gaze reaches from here, to the shore across
My heart is filled with gratitude, that is how I know it's time

To take a leap of faith, face the future with serene grace
Despite all the wars I fought -
In the name of love in vain, with tainted blood
Pumping thru the veins of a cub, who then became a thug

Only made love with a maiden I trusted, ultimately
The bond broke and then I couldn't broker peace
Notably never prayed for self, but for others instead
And shared with those that had hungered for bread

And still, a hole that I have yet to fill, it governs me
Pluto in the 7th House, in Scorpio -
And you know that if tension mounts, I want to grow
Thru upheaval, it tore me apart but I had to leave you...

Through all the pain that I've wrought
Lived thru, failed to soothe, I know
Despite everything that's left unsaid
If I listen to your voice, I know

Through all the hurt you have seen
Inflicted and can't take back, you know
Despite everything that's left unsaid
If you look into my eyes, you know

[Verse 2]
I crave intensity, essentially I'm obsessed
With overcoming what was put here to hinder me
It seems to strengthen me, longing for
What isn't meant to be, like maybe it'll be eventually

The feeling of might and vulnerability
The volcano's still asleep, or so it seems
Reality is the blossom of seeds sown in dreams
Significance's there even if you don't know what it means

I am, absurdist at core, walking through parks
Seeking stillness in motion, filled with devotion
To those close yet far, concealed in the open
On my sleeve, the heart rests in perforated state

My only mask is honesty, the burden's in my face
My eyes speak the universal language of fate
Found solace in solitude, my lazaret of love
And yet, here I am, a version of me that never was...

[Verse 3]
I remember the insomniac nights
The tears you held back and those I cried
When we missed each other by five minutes
And I stood in the rain for two hours, waiting on a damn train

I would've done anything to see you, you don't need proof
The chemistry that weekend we shared, was deeper than
Anything that I ever felt with any woman, repressed feelings
Resurged when you'd sent the words, there was no running...